About our t-shirts

We source all of our t-shirts from Liminal Apparel, a great little Kiwi company specializing in only the best fairtrade, organic cotton apparel and bags. They’re serious about bettering the lives of their producers, so on top of this, all profits are re-invested back to the communities that create their products.

The t-shirts we get from Liminal are from the Freeset cooperative. For hundreds of women trapped in bonded labour and human trafficking, Freeset t-shirts tell the story of freedom and restoring what has been stolen. Women are given the opportunity to choose a new job and regain control of their lives in a caring community; making Freeset Products is part of a women’s journey to freedom. To her friends and neighbours among the thousands still trapped in the sex trade, she is a symbol of hope.

Liminal are committed to fair trade and only stock products from fair trade businesses. Their producers are members of the FLO, WOFTO and the fair trade federation; this means they are committed to providing fair living wages and a healthy working environment for all employees. Their producer’s wages are at well above the national minimum, and all staff receive training, health care, childcare and savings plans.

Liminal’s raw materials are sourced from suppliers who use sustainable farming and production processes. They avoid the use of chemicals, hormones, and preservatives which damage the earth and are harmful to people.  When pesticides and fertilizers are used to grow cotton there is an extraordinary impact on the earth and on those who work it. They only use GOTS certified organic cotton, and a 100% GOTS certified organic process for dyeing.